Friday, March 2, 2012

how Malaysian culture affects English language: Education Policies

            We are asked to discuss how Malaysian culture affects English language. Our group has been selected to discuss on how Educational Policies affect English language in Malaysia. We had discussed among ourselves and try to search information in books and from internet about the topic we get. We also must find the supporting details about the information that we gets. Then we asked to created a PowerPoint presentation and present it to the class.
            From the topic we get a lot of new information I get. This topic is very suitable for me as future English teacher and it also reflected most of my childhood moment in learning English. Almost 90% of what we found is true based on my own experiences. Malaysia educational policies are the effect English language proficiency among people in Malaysia low. For an example, Malaysia educational policies are based on exam oriented. The teachers teach just for passing the exam. To them product of the learning is passing examination so that they don’t care whether their pupils understand or not. They just give a rote learning and teaching and pattern drilling of questions.
            Besides that, the teachers also give a lot of affect in English language. From what we had found, the teacher is the main factor to this problem. The teacher was the one who lacked of proficiency and pedagogical knowledge. They are not confident to teach English language in English. So they use Bahasa Melayu as the medium to teach English language. It will reduce the time for pupils to speak English in class. So when the language not been practice we will not mastered it. So, as a conclusion from this assignment I can say that teacher is the main factor that student cannot master English language skills. As a future English teacher I hope that I can change this situation so the next generation will mastered all the skills of English language.

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